Like lighting a unity candle, a ceremonial toke sometimes from a custom-designed, two-mouthpiece unity bowl signifies the blending of two lives in matrimony. Expand / Contract A bridesmaid lights up after the ceremony. (Jessica Hill Photography) Though the federal government continues to label marijuana an illegal Schedule 1 drug, the map is turning greener for couples dreaming of a weed wedding-- and theyre increasingly keeping the champagne on ice in favor of toasting their union with a doobie. BEER SALES DECLINING IN MARKETS WITH LEGAL MARIJUANA, SAYS FINANCIAL FIRM In November, four states California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts voted to legalize the sale and consumption of recreational marijuana for ชุดเพื่อนเจ้าสาวสีทอง those 21 and over, joining Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C. Thats why a cottage industry has sprung up to cater to weed weddings. With recreational marijuana use becoming less stigmatized , pot-friendly wedding planners, florists and venues are cashing in on the high. Legal cannabis sales are soaring as the massive underground market becomes taxed and regulated in more states, says Troy Dayton, CEO of ArcView Market Research , a publisher of marijuana industry analysis that predicts the legal cannabis industry in the U.S. will grow from a $7.9 billion market to over $20 billion within five years. Niki McDonald, founder of the weed wedding website Love and Marij , which connects couples with weed-friendly wedding vendors, says ชุด ไป งาน แต่ง ผู้ชาย she is determined to show the world that cannabis is the new champagne. Expand / Contract Pot plant party favors might be cute but they're not legal across the country.

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Now we're close to zero ... several dozen," she said, noting that numbers normally fall in the winter, but not by so much. Some are holding up Agadez as a sign of a breakthrough in tackling the migration crisis. Other experts have urged caution, saying the smugglers may have simply moved deeper underground. Either way, the immediate impact on the town and the arid region surrounding it is dramatic. The European Union แบบ ชุด ไทย แต่งงาน said that only 1,500 migrants crossed Niger in November, down from 70,000 in May, crediting the change to a new partnership strategy it launched with Niger last year. In late 2015, the EU established a fund with 1.88 billion euros ($2.01 billion) aimed at addressing migration originating across West Africa's arid Sahel and Lake Chad regions, the Horn of Africa as well as North Africa. Last year it added another 500 million euros to the fund and established partnerships with priority countries Niger, Ethiopia, Senegal, Mali, and Nigeria, financing a range of programs from security and border management to job creation. The EU began training security forces in Agadez in April. By November authorities had seized 95 vehicles and arrested 102 smugglers as well as nine police officers for migration-linked corruption, it said. DRIVEN UNDERGROUND?