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Justine Greening She said that any student finance system needed to be "progressive". Prime Minister Theresa May has announced a major review of tuition fees and university funding. But, Ms Greening, speaking most popular shopping sites on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, said she was against the idea of different levels of fees for different courses, because it could push poorer students into cheaper, less prestigious degrees. Her successor as education secretary, Damian Hinds, is expected to launch a review of student finance in England. There been claims that Ms Greening had been reluctant to have a review - but she said that she had been wary of anything that became an excuse to kick changes "into the long grass". Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionJustine Greening says a review of student fees could kick issues into the "long grass" Ms Greening said students were worried about the level of interest charges - currently 6.1% - and that the loss of maintenance grants put an unfair burden on the poorest students. These grants were abolished from 2016-17 and replaced by loans, which have to be repaid with interest. Ms Greening said that it was "wrong" that as a result of this, "young people from more disadvantaged, poorer backgrounds are coming out with more debt than their better-off peers". Are tuition fees really heading for the scrap heap? In terms of the tuition fees system, she argued in favour of a "time-limited graduate contribution" with the money being ring-fenced for higher education.


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