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Jumpsuits are one of the best summer to fall transition pieces. While they are great for cool summer nights, the long pants are also perfect to take on those brisk autumn days. Throw on a cardigan, jacket, and flats and you're set! Sundresses . These light and airy dresses have a home in our closets all summer, but shouldn't be packed away just yet. Pair your favorite one with leg warmers, boots, a cardigan, and a scarf to create the perfect fall ensemble. Florals. These pretty prints are everywhere in the summer, and can be paired with sweet sandals for a cute and casual look. For the fall, these floral frocks can be toughened up with a leather jacket and some super trendy booties to make for an edgy autumn ensemble.

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Women protest in Warsaw against the abortion bill Some 100,000 people, mostly women, protested against the proposals in cities across Poland on Monday and appeared to prompt the PiS to swing against the bill, although the party promotes Catholic values. Image copyright AP Image caption Supporters of an abortion ban in Poland have called the practice "butchery" Prime Minister Beata Szydlo distanced herself from a change to the law and Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Gowin moved to reassure women on Wednesday that a total ban would not get through. "Abortion will certainly not be banned when the woman is the victim of rape or if her life or her health is in danger," he insisted. Since Law and Justice came to power last year, it has been criticised by the EU for taking control of state media appointments and for reforms to Poland's constitutional court . What would have changed? Abortion is already largely banned in Poland. The only exceptions are a severe and irreversible damage to the foetus, a serious threat to the mother's health, or if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest. The Stop Abortion campaign group wanted the ban extended to cases of rape and incest. The only exception would have been where the mother's life was in danger.