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"Today, we are announcing a voluntary separation program for eligible colleagues in [GateHouse New England.]" Expense reductions are needed to "properly align costs with revenues," Meyer wrote in an internal memo to employees obtained by MassLive. MassLive has reached out to Meyer for comment. The buyout package offers seniority-based severance pay to staffers who apply to take the deal and have their buyouts accepted by the company.  Employees will receive six days of severance pay for each year of employment, with a minimum of six days and a maximum of 20 weeks. Employees who have been with their companies for 40 years will receive a half-year of pay under the deal. Staffers can apply for the buyouts until 5 p.m. on July 20. While the offer sheet obtained by MassLive only applies to non-union employees, GateHouse will also be contacting union leadership to discuss participation in the buyout program. GateHouse owns 126 papers in Massachusetts including nine daily newspapers, dozens of paid weeklies and an assortment of free weeklies and shoppers, according to the company's website. The company has engaged in waves of acquisitions, buying up a substantial percentage of New England's local news outlets. It has also repeatedly slashed staffing to cut costs, straining resources in newsrooms. The Providence Journal, long the newspaper of record in Rhode Island's capital, was bought by GateHouse in 2014 following drops in circulation and financial struggles common to newspapers across the U.S.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Others are Israeli dairy business Tnuva, image recognition firm Cortica, and gesture control group Extreme Reality. Royi Benyossef, an Israel-based manager at investment fund Samsung Next, says that the Chinese are "mesmerized by Israel and its technology exporting capabilities". Other commentators say that the different national characteristics of the two countries complement each other. Peggy Mizrahi, a Chinese citizen who lives in Israel, says: "The Chinese are known for long-term planning, and being conservative and hierarchical, unlike the commonly recognised Israeli mindset of [being] fast, innovative, flexible, and having a lack of respect for authority." Daniel Galily, an Israeli expat who has lectured in business at Beijing Geely University, adds that: "The educational system in China places great emphasis on discipline and obedience to superiors, while the Israeli educational system and the Israeli army encourage students and soldiers to think about new ideas, and to solve problems in situations of uncertainty. "The Chinese understand that, and so they strive to integrate the Israeli creativity into their economy." Image caption Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert also worked to establish closer trade and business ties between Israel and China However, it is not just Chinese firms that are benefiting from closer trade ties between the two countries. Spotad, an Israeli digital advertising firm, entered the Chinese market last year after securing funding from a Hong Kong-based private equity firm. The company now works with all the major Chinese online advertising exchanges. Other Israeli firms that are continuing to make inroads into the Chinese market include mobile marketing firm AppsFlyer, and diamond trading platform Carats. New Zealand happy to forget the UK's 'betrayal' Yet while both Chinese and Israeli firms seem pleased with their continuing cooperation, some commentators online shopping sites list are anxious. "One of the biggest drawbacks that I see here for Israel is that China is notorious for not respecting the intellectual property laws of other nations, so Israel has to be very careful about what kind of manufacturing they outsource to China," says Jason McNew, founder and boss of Pennsylvania-based Stronghold Cyber Security. best online shopping websites for beginners