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Image copyright Facebook Image caption Miss Universe Canada is competing for the title of Miss Universe 2016 in the Philippines. It was a hard-earned confidence, she said. Last year while preparing for a different pageant, she said she subsisted on chicken and asparagus to try to stay slim. "I caved in to the pressures of wanting to do well, I was eating very little and working out a lot and absolutely miserable," she said. "I was not happy getting the results I was getting because I was constantly being told there was more I could do, I was never good enough." Since then, she's eased up on the dieting, although she says she still eats healthily and works out. While she may no longer be stick-thin, she says she's never felt better about her body. "I'm certainly way more confident now because I'm being more myself," she said. While the majority of the criticism comes from online haters, she says there is pressure from beauty pageant organisers in general to look a certain way. While preparing for a different pageant, the show's director asked her to take scale-selfies to prove that she was losing weight.